Decades of experience, none of the bureaucracy.

Sona Senior Living offers a complete package of management services that can be tailored for your individual needs.  The Sona team brings together best practices from their experience operating over 300 communities across the United States and we will work to maximize your occupancy, resident and employee satisfaction, and bottom-line results.

Sona achieves this through personalized service and cost-effective operational tools to the communities we manage.  We are a boutique management company that does not have the overhead of larger corporations.   We focus on hiring the right people, driving occupancy, and controlling expenses.

Sona Specializes In:

3rd Party Management Contracts – Sona will hire, train, and manage the entire senior living community.

Turnaround Operations – Sona’s team will get to the root cause of operational issues and provide hands-on experience to ensure a successful community.

Community Acquisition Support – Are you planning to acquire a new senior living operation?   The team at Sona can provide guidance and operational benchmarks.

New Developments – Sona advisory services offers competitive marketing studies, financials targets, and feasibility studies for new developments.