Discover Vernon Hills: Activities for Seniors, Families of Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods of Vernon Hills, Illinois is committed to providing the best memory care services in the area, and beyond. Our reputation often proceeds us when families research memory care services throughout the greater area.

But as a family member of a senior who may be struggling with memory, its important to understand what the Vernon Hills area is all about. When your loved one moves into Aspen Woods, you’ll want to understand all the offerings of Vernon Hills so that your family and your loved one can plan amazing things to do.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of fun, exciting, and cool things to do in the area that are built for seniors.

Nature and Parks

There’s no doubt and the science certainly confirms this: nature is one of the most theraputic experiences for people. Outdoor activities offer seniors walking as an exercise, as well. The Vernon Hills area offers a great many experiences in this niche.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is top on our list for amazing experiences. Located roughly 7 miles from our memory care community, you’ll arrive at one of our country’s most scenic and gorgeous experiences in around 20 minutes.

Lake Zurich offers Henry J. Paulus Park which is a very popular area for beach goeers who also want to take in a concert, take a walk, or gather for a family picnic. Your senior loved ones will appreciate the natural surroundings ripe with lush trees and beautiful lake waters. There’s also outdoor dining available at Bacchus Nibbles and Beelow’s Steakhouse and more.

Lake Zurich offers picturesque views and opportunities for a variety of leisurely walks as well as bird watching.

The Ela Area Public Library in Lake Zurich provides various programs and services tailored to seniors, such as book clubs, educational seminars, and technology classes

Its proximity to medical centers and healthcare also gives families peace of mind while visiting. Moreover, Lake Zurich is well known as a safe, quiet neighborhood.

Independence Grove Forest Preserve

Independence Grove Forest Preserve is not only a place for recreation and relaxation, but also as a place for educational excitement. Located only 10 to 15 minutes from Aspen Woods, its an easily accessible locations for a quick and relaxing family outing.

Throughout the year, Independence Grove hosts a variety of events, including outdoor concerts, educational walks, and seasonal festivals.

There are also dog friendly areas where dogs can play off-leash.

Its highly accessible design makes it ideal for all seniors with various interests from fishing to taking walks. There are miles of scenic trails that encompass prairies, woodlands, and wetlands. You can traverse leisurely by foot, or by bike.

Its an amazing adventure that you and Aspen Woods residents can enjoy.

Cultural Attractions

Cultural Attractions offer significant benefits to seniors living in memory care communities by enhancing their quality of life and well-being.

Engaging with arts, museums, and performances stimulate cognitive functions and give rise to memories in seniors living with degenerative brain illnesses.

At Aspen Woods, you’re only minutes away from mental stimulation and emotional comfort through the various cultural experiences.

Raupp Museum

The amazing Raupp Museum is located a mere 8 miles away from Aspen Woods in neighboring Buffalo Grove.

It features exhibits that cover the region’s development from a prairie to a more modern urban area. The museum includes historical artifacts and interactive displays that engage learning from all, but especially seniors.

The museum is particularly suitable for seniors as it offers a nostalgic glimpse into the past.

Its a really cool experience, check out the video below.

Lake County Discovery Museum

Only 6 miles from Aspen Woods, Lake County Discovery Museum shares a rich history of the Lake County area through various exhibits that focus on local and natural history.

Seniors can expect a whirlwind of educational and stimulating experiences through historical narratives which include artifacts.

Both museums are within a short driving distance from Aspen Woods, making them accessible and convenient cultural destinations for seniors residing there, providing enriching and educational outings.

Entertainment and Leisure

For seniors residing at Aspen Woods Memory Care of Vernon Hills, entertainment options are abound. Theatrical experiences and historical venues provide seniors with engaging and enjoyable experiences. And you’re only minutes away.

Marriott Theatre

Only 5 miles away, The Marriott Theatre of Lincolnshire is a prime destination of amazing theatrical productions. Expect a wide diversity of shows which include musicals and well-known plays throughout the year. Its a highly accessible venue that often schedules matinees which are typically an easier time slot for seniors.

Volo Auto Museum

The Volo is 20 miles from Aspen woods and appeals to seniors who are passionate about the history of the automobile. Expect a showcase of extensive vintage, muscle, and even celebrity owned cars. There are military vehicle exhibits and other memorabilia. It’s a visually stunning and stimulating trip through history that any care enthusiast would love.


Aspen Woods Memory Care of Vernon Hills is an amazing, compassionate community. But its not all about what’s within the community, but all the amazing things the Vernon Hills area has to offer for seniors and their families – which is clearly a whole lot.

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